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The IBM logo is among the most recognizable ones all over the world. It is the largest corporation in the IT sphere. The first computers, software, applications and other modern innovations appeared in the USA owing to that corporation. Its employees were awarded 5 Nobel Prizes, won 4 Turing Awards and national medals for their contribution to the development of technology and science. Learn more about the corporation’s tremendous success in IT at new-york-future.

Foundation and development of New York IBM corporation

The history of the IBM corporation began at the beginning of the 20th century when information about the US population was being collected. The tabulating machine, a device developed by Herman Hollerith for automatic numerical and letter information processing, was used for the first time. Thanks to this innovation, it became possible to process all the records in a year, instead of 8 years, as was the case before. Inspired by the victory, he decided to continue developing the IT sphere.

In 1896, Herman founded the Tabulating Machine Company, which was merged with two other companies a few years later. The new corporation produced a wide range of electrical devices, such as scales, time trackers, punches and many more. In 1914, it began to specialize in the production of large tabulating machines designed for information processing, which was recorded on paper tape. The corporation changed its name to International Business Machines because of the increase in the range and volume of sales in New York and beyond.

The corporation managed to survive during the world’s economic crisis of the 1930s and 1940s owing to its multimillion-dollar revenues and large governmental orders. Despite the hard times, Thomas Watson, IBM contemporary CEO, continued to invest in scientific experiments and pay salaries.

During the Second World War, IBM began to produce weapons and successfully designed several high-speed electromechanical calculators, which gave the start to the development of information systems in New York.

The first computers release in the US

The history of computer development began in 1943. The first one was called the Harvard Mark I, which weighed more than 4 tons. The second computer appeared in the 1950s. Engineers used vacuum tubes in its circuit. The development of computer systems began on that device. They became part of everyday life and made the corporation famous when John Thomas Jr. took over as CEO. The corporation’s profit increased to $8 billion and the number of employees increased by more than 200,000 people during his management.

In 1964, IBM released a series of identical computers and in 1971, people all over the world found out about a disk for information storing for the first time. Ten years later, the corporation released the world’s first PC with more than 600 kilobytes of memory and an OS, which was developed by four IT specialists.

The Microsoft corporation provided licensed access to its software on all computers to increase sales. Since then, IBM employees have begun to improve and develop new computer systems and computer series.

Then, the IBM employees decided to become the best in the IT sphere and ensure reliable protection of users’ personal data. Since the beginning of the 2000s, IBM began to provide services via the Internet.

The corporation expanded its activities by buying other companies and began to provide PC users with new services in such areas as finance, traveling, telecommunications, retail and health care.

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