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Dream job: organizing the activities of the Google office in Manhattan

Google is a giant company with offices in many major cities in different countries around the world. Google’s website traffic highly exceeds not the less popular Facebook platform; besides, the Google company has been holding the status of the most attractive place to work in the USA for many years in a row. The Google office in New York City is truly a  dream job because all the company activities ensure the employees’ development and feeling of comfort while working and allow them to have a decent standard of living due to high wages. Learn more at new-york-future.

Leisure instead of work or how Google employees spend their weekdays

The New York company’s office is located in the building of the former inland terminal of the local port, which occupies several floors, plus it was built in the 30s of the 20th century. The office building is often compared in size to the 102-story Empire State Building on Fifth Avenue. Although the Google company bought the whole building, the tenants who occupy other floors are not vacating. The entire floor is quite enough for employees and guests of the office. It is so large that employees ride scooters from one place to another. In the office building, freight elevator shafts that previously could lift large loads remain. However, the rest of the building looks like a fancy cruise liner with a lot of entertainment and, it seems, no time for work.

Office employees have access to plenty of game rooms equipped with video games, billiards, table tennis, legos, and piano for music lovers. There is also a kitchenette with complimentary delicacies and a cafe, and even massage rooms. Walking through this liner, the question may arise: when do people work? Nevertheless, the work organization is well managed in the office because everything focuses on motivating a person to work hard and efficiently. 

For example, if an employee completes their own projects faster than working ones, the management immediately promotes this person up the career ladder. For those who appreciate flexible hours and have the knowledge and skills of a professional, there is an option to choose a more relaxed schedule and visit the office only 3 times a week. The chief and colleagues also supervise the work of employees. So, the concept of cooperation with Google is to hire only those people who prefer to work rather than being lazy. 

Another great advantage of working in this company is free access to the office not only for employees but also for their relatives and friends. Employees with children often bring them to the office when they cannot leave them at home with someone else.

An employee can work in any place. There are comfortable coaches throughout the office and desks near panoramic windows with a view of New York City, as well as open-air workplaces on the roof, where you can also see the metropolis from a bird’s eye view. There are no restrictions and dress code, as long as work tasks are completed on time. The only things employee can be fired for immediately are showing homophobia and racial discrimination and violating of personal boundaries of other colleagues. 

How does Google take care of its employees’ health?

The office has several small kitchens that are located next to the workplaces. There is a wide variety of food and drinks, including fruits, berries, snacks, sweets, water, sweet soda, coffee, tea, and many other things. Even if you have a lot of work and no time to eat you can always grab a snack and get back to work. All food is free. 

Google company cares about the health of its employees, which can be seen even in small things. For example, in refrigerators, healthy drinks are placed on top behind the transparent door at eye level. But unhealthy sodas are located in a more invisible place and stand behind the dark refrigerator doors. The same thing goes for food. Healthy delicacies are right on the table in clear boxes, while candy bars, chewing gum, and chips are hidden in drawers.

For gourmets, the office has on-site dining rooms, where they can order free restaurant meals, such as steaks, fish, salads, freshes, etc. The disadvantage of the dining rooms at Google is the lack of waiters, which is why everyone cleans up after themselves.   

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