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Logistic services for your business in Poland

Cooperation with the EA Logistic LLC logistics company guarantees high-quality professional service. Our company is recognized as the best logistics company that provides reliable transportation to any point in Poland and Europe. We have a modern fleet with various types of transport, which guarantees the safe and timely delivery of multiple types of cargo.

What are the key features of the services we provide as a logistics company?

A wide range of transport services and a reliable reputation

Proven logistics companies offer a wide range of transport services and have an impeccable reputation among customers due to a responsible approach to all organizational issues.

An integrated system of safe and efficient transportation

Our transport company carries out a set of measures aimed at safe cargo transportation over any distance.

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We strive to be close to each client at each stage of transportation, providing an individual approach and professional support in all logistical needs.

Individual approach and reliable control

Our logistics company in Poland performs:

  • Planning of optimal cargo transportation routes;
  • Monitoring the work of all participants in the logistics chain;
  • Constant tracking of cargo in transit;
  • Express delivery of luggage in the shortest possible time.

Guarantee of reliability and efficiency

Our logistics company takes full responsibility for keeping the cargo. For the efficient execution of various orders, the agency’s fleet always has a sufficient number of vehicles ready to reach customers quickly.

This approach allows us to provide the highest level of service and satisfaction of our customer’s needs in the field of logistics and transportation.

What we offer of our logistics trucking company to customers:

  1. Reliable freight transportation
  • The organization provides cargo transportation to any point in Poland and Europe;
  • The modern fleet includes various types of transport for any need.
  1. High quality of service
  • Cooperation only with proven contractors to guarantee timely and safe transportation;
  • Qualified staff consisting of competent logisticians, experienced drivers, and attentive forwarders.
  1. Innovative technologies
  • Automation of key operations, which allows you to optimize costs, speed up order processing, and increase the transparency of freight transportation for customers.
  1. Professional approach
  • Regular training and improvement of employees’ skills to ensure a high level of service;
  • Individual approach to each client, taking into account specific needs and wishes.

Types of transport freight services

Our company focuses on professional transportation of various cargoes, including:

  • Food and construction cargo;
  • Bulk and bulk cargo;
  • Short cargoes; 
  • Dangerous goods; 
  • Local transportation; 
  • Pharmaceutical sector.

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