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Succes from Scratch: the story of Solomon Hykes, a programmer from New York

“I didn’t know if I would succeed, and I didn’t know if I would become famous. I just wanted to create something useful not only for myself but for the entire IT community,” once said a person whose contribution to the field of the latest technologies cannot be overestimated. His name has repeatedly appeared next to the most influential entrepreneurs and programmers in the world, and it is hard to imagine sufficient work in the IT industry without his development. Solomon Hykes, a New York native, many years ago presented a project that initially did not arouse sincere admiration. But thanks to hard work and self-belief, he managed to achieve wild success. Find out more at new-york-future.

The main facts from the programmer’s biography 

Solomon Hykes was born in New York in 1983 in an international family: his father was a native American, and his mother was of French-Canadian descent. Solomon became interested in technology as a child, so when the boy’s family moved to France, he entered the famous EPITECH Technology School there. It was in this country that he began his career in IT. First, in 2006, Hykes worked in the field of information security. Two years later, in Montrouge, together with his classmate Sebastian Pahl, he created an activity that became part of cloud computing, with the company initially positioning itself as one of the PaaS providers.

In addition, Solomon Hykes improved his programming skills by working as an IT infrastructure management engineer and a software developer at CEIS and SmartJog. 

It was a few years before Solomon Hykes first presented his new and extremely important project, Docker, at a conference in New York. But by then, he was already quite a successful person – otherwise, he would not have managed to become so popular in IT. However, valuable knowledge and professionalism are not the only things that distinguish a New Yorker from others. His colleagues and friends know Solomon Hykes as an exceptionally humble and kind person. The outstanding programmer has never talked much about his personal life, but it is reliably known that he enjoys popularity among women because he has a rather attractive appearance. 

How did Solomon Hykes change the world of IT?

In 2013, at the New York GoSF MeetUp conference, Solomon Hykes presented his development for the first time to a large audience – the Docker project, which was written in the Go language. The presentation was excellent and more than 100 programmers, who were present at the conference, were impressed with the result Solomon and his team managed to achieve. But, one of the event organizers, Travis Reeder, said that Solomon’s project was too “raw” and not ready to work, although it was worthy of praise. However, Travis decided to give the developer a second chance because he saw great potential in it and offered to meet in a month in Portland at the OpenStack Summit.

Then the programmers worked together and thought about how to use Docker in the work process. Travis Reeder’s team was looking for an option that could provide different versions of the same programming languages and have a secure way to update one part of the system without breaking others. Plus, it would have a declarative approach to system configuration and create an easy way to perform updates and rollbacks. In the process of exploring Docker, it turned out that it covered all the goals and had even more advantages. 

Solomon Hykes was the first in the world to create and popularize the concept of containers with the development of Docker, a technology aimed at gathering, delivering, running and managing distributed applications for IT specialists. 

Thanks to the idea of an ordinary guy from New York who only had a desire to learn and ambitious goals, the IT industry became accessible to programmers from different parts of the world. Even more people were able to earn and constantly become better at their work, having ready-made templates for professional development.

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