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How to choose a heated towel rails for your bathroom?

Did you know that the most common cause of mold in the bathroom is excessive humidity? If not addressed, mold can cover the floor, walls, and joints in the bathroom, posing health risks and having an unattractive appearance.

To prevent mold, it is recommended to consider having a radiator or towel warmer. Towelrads Radiators have become an essential attribute in the bathroom, helping improve the microclimate and get rid of excess moisture. Towel warmers, like terma radiators, allow heating the room and drying wet towels and linens.

Towel warmers come in various types and designs. What should you consider when choosing them?

What to consider when choosing a heated towel rail?

When choosing a towel rail, it is important to consider the following characteristics:

  • Type of towel warmer: electric or non-electric. Electric towel rails work with the help of electric power. Good for providing warm towels and quick drying. The second type of towel rail is less efficient and practical in comparison.Operates using electrical power and is suitable for providing warm towels and quick drying.
  • Size and capacity. Choose a towel warmer that fits the dimensions of your bathroom space and can easily accommodate the necessary number of towels.
  • Material and design. Towel warmers can be made of chrome, steel, stainless steel, or other materials. Consider the bathroom style and your preferences. Choose a design that harmoniously fits into the bathroom interior.
  • Installation type. Heated Towel Rails can be wall-mounted or freestanding. Wall-mounted ones attach to the wall, while freestanding models have their own stand, allowing them to be placed anywhere.
  • Energy efficiency. If considering an electric towel rail, look at energy efficiency and temperature control options.
  • Safety and corrosion protection. Ensure that the chosen model meets safety standards and can withstand moisture to avoid corrosion.

The design plays a crucial role in choosing towel rails. Outdated designs can be challenging to integrate harmoniously into the interior. Therefore, we recommend Towelrads Radiators designer towel warmers.

Where to buy designer heated towel rails?

One of the most popular contemporary manufacturers of designer towel warmers is Towelrads Radiators. You can purchase them at the Heating style store.

Towelrads Radiators towel warmers stand out for their stylish design and practicality. You will find a wide range of products that will allow you to choose a towel warmer that perfectly complements the interior of any room. Whether you need modern designer towel warmers or traditional radiators, Heating style offers a vast selection of high-quality products with the most stylish designs.

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