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High-quality education from early childhood is the key to a successful future and background without which it is impossible to reach one’s goals. It is important to discover one’s talent for any activity as soon as possible and spare no time to thrive in things that you like. Professional educators in the New York school Riverdale Country School know exactly how to help children prove themselves and teach how to do it properly, without a heap of theory and dull lectures. One cannot even argue that such an approach is very fortunate, as facts speak for themselves. The 35th president of the USA John Kennedy once studied at Riverdale Country School. When was the school founded? And how does the school, which lets out successful leaders, organize its activity? Find out more at new-york-future.

The history of Riverdale Country School foundation 

Riverdale Country School is considered to be the oldest one in the USA, as it has already existed for more than a century. The institution was founded in 1907 by philanthropist Frank Hackett and his wife Francis. At first, the school was intended only for boys. Only 12 children were studying there. And there worked 4 teachers in the first years of school’s work. The founder of the institution planned to conduct an educational experiment in such a way.

Subsequently, a primary school and 13 years later, a secondary school for girls was built not far from this institution. In 1972 all three institutions united among themselves and received the name Riverdale Country School. At Riverdale Country School, there are two campuses, the first one of which is intended for pupils aged 4 to 9 years and another one for learners aged 10 to 18 years. The total area of these two campuses is truly impressive, as it makes up 110 thousand square meters. Not every standard school in New York can boast of such a size. There is everything on the campus for the primary school so that children could find their hobbies within the institution and dedicate some time to it together with their friends. There are playing fields, a small theater, a research laboratory, a greenhouse, a garden and 4 tennis courts. Not less wide is the space for youth creativity on the campus for the secondary and high school. There is an arts center, an amphitheater for 284 seats, 2 scientific laboratories, tennis courts and gymnastic halls. The New York school is also proud of the Water Center, where there is a swimming pool, shower rooms, locker rooms and a lobby. Panorama windows are mounted in the hall with a swimming pool that offers a picturesque landscape with green hills and flowering trees.

Riverdale Country School reminds more of a prestigious university than of an educational institution for children and teenagers. Apart from that, school administration and local authorities are constantly improving this institution, however, not for the sake of a beautiful picture, but for the sake of comfort for children during studying.

What is taught in the New York school and the tuition fee 

In the institution, Riverdale Country School is its own unique philosophy, which can be described in three words:  intelligence, character and community. Every lesson and additional classes are directed exactly at the development of these constituents. Every child here is assisted to develop one’s mental abilities and taught not to be afraid to be creative and different from others. In addition to that, children are taught to analyze any issue deeper and not to be scared of challenges.

When it refers to character, then Riverdale Country School has special lessons on ethics and self-control. Teachers talk about the importance of decent behavior in society and the ability to be sensitive to those who need support.

By the notion of “community” school teachers imply the ability to work in a team, as it anyway occurs in the life of each of us. Apart from that, teachers imply the capacity to organize one’s own workspace and work effectively.

In order to study at the Riverdale Country School children need to take an introductory test. And their parents need to give approximately 50 thousand dollars for a year of study. Trips, textbooks, lunches, learning materials and so on are included in this cost. However, the school annually allocates 8 million dollars for enabling talented pupils from poor families to receive education, but they must have American citizenship.

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