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Hayden Planetarium in New York

Many children and adults dream about getting closer to the stars and unraveling their secrets while exploring the magical world of space. It seems to be so far from us, but at the same time, it is close enough to study it. An interesting place for leisure, where you can get a little closer to the stars, is a planetarium. Surprisingly enough, even when you visit the planetarium regularly, you still cannot leave without new knowledge and impressions. Such a place that New Yorkers most often choose for their leisure is the Hayden Planetarium. The famous New York Planetarium has a huge spherical movie theater where you can watch movies about the stars and space. Also, interesting workshops and educational programs for children and adults are regularly held here. If you are tired of ordinary movie theaters, the planetarium will be an ingenious leisure option for the whole family. Read more on new-york-future.

Hayden Planetarium: main info

The New York Hayden Planetarium is a branch of the American Museum of Natural History, which was headed by astrophysicist Neil Tyson. It was founded in 1935, quite a long time ago.

Since February 2000, the Hayden Planetarium has been an important part of the Rose Center for Earth. Visitors prefer to watch a unique performance in the Star Theater, where due to the latest technologies, you can observe the starry sky in the highest quality. Each video in the Sphere is created based on the visualization of current astrophysical data that accurately replicates the night sky. Also, in the lower part of the Hayden Sphere, you can watch a 4-minute video of the Big Bang which is a well-known cosmological model that describes the early development of the universe. The broadcast is so vivid and realistic that both children and their parents will not stay uninterested.

Visitors are leaving through the so-called Cosmic Pathway, where the stages of the universe’s development are also shown in video format. The last hall for visitors is called the Earth Hall. There you can learn about how the weather forecast is determined, and explore geology, plate tectonics, etc. In addition, the theater hosts educational programs for children and families, programs for teenagers, and online courses for teachers.

Why you should visit the Hayden Planetarium for non-obvious reasons

Hayden Planetarium is well versed in how to surprise visitors whether it is the latest sound system, a huge screen with realistic videos, or exciting stories about space that sound more like fantasy than truth. After visiting the Planetarium, you will find yourself in the center of all the incredible events unfolding around you, and there is a risk to fall in love with the beauty of space.

The Hayden Planetarium has a rather rich and rapid history of development. It is not just a place for entertainment, but a chance to get quality education as it offers ideas for adults and children.

The main reason why the Planetarium is a great idea for all ages is that both you and your kids will be entertained here. Bright pictures, simple and understandable stories about space life and the illusion of being very close to the night sky will certainly not leave the children uninterested. For adults, the Planetarium has small lectures with more structured and complex stories.

A visit to the Planetarium will help you diversify your relaxation and maybe you’ll find your hobby here. Many people are interested in the space topic, they buy books and encyclopedias and try to investigate on their own. It influences our development no worse than drawing or cross-stitching, but such a pastime seems to be unusual.

One more non-obvious reason to visit the Hayden Planetarium is if you are looking for interesting extra activities for your child. Most school children will definitely appreciate classes in the Planetarium which not only broaden their outlook but also help to master some school subjects. The main feature of lessons with Planetarium teachers is that there are no boring rules and a lot of theory. Instead, there are interactive activities, games and research.

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