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History of the famous Plaza Hotel in New York City

The Plaza is not just another luxurious New York hotel. This hotel has more than a century of unique history. Plaza Hotel has chic and unique architecture combined with incredible grandeur. Not in vain, it is considered the most beautiful hotel in the world. During its long history, not only world leaders, celebrities, singers and artists have stayed here. The hotel has also many times become a film set. Find out more new-york-future.

The unique architecture of the New York Plaza Hotel 

The unsurpassed Plaza Hotel is located in the very heart of Manhattan. The famous building was built in 1907, but few people know that the hotel had a predecessor. In the 19th century, there was also a hotel of the same name on the site of the modern Plaza Hotel. It was built in 1883 and demolished in 1890. At that time, the hotel was the target of one of the local financiers, Bernhard Beinecke. He already owned a hotel by then. In the early 20th century, he decided to buy out the land plot, where the old Plaza Hotel was located and build a new majestic building on this site. The construction of the new hotel lasted two years. Then it became one of the few city skyscrapers. The hotel cost Bernhard Beinecke 12 million dollars. It was simply an unbelievable amount for that time. However, he did not spare a single penny for the hotel construction. The building was supposed to impress everyone with its splendor and grandeur. Also, the largest single order for gold-encrusted porcelain was made during the hotel’s construction. At least 1,600 crystal chandeliers were purchased for the hotel. 

The hotel building, which is known all over the world, was built in 1907 in the French Renaissance style. This style was widely applied in construction in the French Kingdom territory in the 15th-17th centuries. The most famous American architect Henry Hardenbergh developed the construction plan for the grand hotel. He was renowned for designing not just hotels but real skyscrapers. 

The hotel looked like a castle and had 21 floors. The facade of the hotel building was made of marble at the base. Above, up to the 21st floor, the facade was covered with exquisite white brick. The hotel roof was also made in the French style of the 15th-17th centuries and was called a mansard roof. 

The entire ground floor contained two spacious lobbies, a wide corridor and a large restaurant. The ground floor also housed:

  • The Oak Room bar & restaurant
  • The Oak Bar
  • The Edwardian Room
  • The Palm Court
  • The Terrace Room.

The upper part of the hotel contained:

  • spacious ballroom
  • residential condominiums
  • condo hotel suites
  • short-term hotel suites.

Initially, the world-famous hotel in New York had over 800 rooms on the 21st floor. But later, it turned out that such a number was too large. All the rooms could not be let out for rent. That is why at the beginning of the 21st century, a reconstruction was carried out, in which 282 hotel rooms and 181 residential condominiums were created. 

The hotel was also renovated several times during the 20th century. 

In the 21st century, the Plaza is not just a hotel for New York City but a real architectural landmark, a work of art and a true legacy. The building impresses everyone with its majesty. For more than a century of history, many famous guests have stayed in the hotel. All the grandiose New York balls, charity evenings, conferences and other events were hosted at the Plaza. People even had wedding receptions here. 

Interesting facts about the Plaza Hotel

Apart from the fact that the hotel is a New York landmark and a national heritage of America, the Plaza has been frequently described in books. The hotel has also become a filming location many times. In particular, such films were shot here:

  • in 1959 – North by Northwest
  • in 1973 – The way we were
  • in 1976 – The Front
  • in 1992 – Home Alone 2
  • in 1993 – Sleepless in Seattle
  • in 2009 – Bride Wars
  • in 2013 – The Great Gatsby.

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